MyAprint Quick Start Guide

Setup your MyAprint device and print from Aprint Cloud Editor

Required Materials

To start installing MyAprint onto your Raspberry Pi (or other type of ARM devices), you will need the following electronics parts and cables.

  1. Raspberry Pi (or other ARM powered Single Board Computer(SBC))
  2. USB cable (for connecting your Pi to your 3D printer)
  3. aPrint Editor Compatible 3D Printer

Installation of MyAprint Software

Install via Pre-built Image (Raspberry Pi 4 Only)

  1. Download the MyAprint image for Raspberry Pi
  2. Flash the image downloaded onto the SD card
  3. Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi

Install via MyAprint Binary

  1. Download the binary file into your home folder. Here is an example command:
    cd ~/
    wget {url_here}
  2. Install screen (if it hasn't been installed) and run it with the following comamnd
    sudo apt-get install screen -y
    screen (and press enter)
    sudo ./MyAprint

Connect and Test Print

  1. Connect your Raspberry Pi (or other SBC) to your printer using the USB port
  2. Connect ethernet cable to your SBC
  3. Power up the SBC
  4. Access the web UI from Windows's Network Neighbourhood discovery, MDNS domain (raspberrypi.local.) or IP address, depending on your network configuration
  5. Connect to printer and test print by following on screen instructions
  6. Configure WiFi settings on the Web UI and unplug the ethernet cable (optional)
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